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Could not think of other exciting activities to do with your friends after phase two has started? Tired for not being able to express yourself at work? Judge yourself. This time we have listed out a few exciting activities that are worth the try if you are seeking a new environment to free yourself from all the stress at work. If you are also trying to explore and judge yourself you may give it a try and loosen up those senses of yours!

Art Jamming Session


Indulge yourself in two and a half hours of me-time to channel out all negative thoughts from your long day, accompanied by soft music and complimentary snacks and soft drinks or a cup of hot beverage. Artefakts has two locations that you can choose from: East Coast Studio and Ubi Studio. It is an open session where you can do it solo or share your canvas with your friend. Necessary materials are provided but if you do not manage to complete it within the given hours, you may choose to stay back with extra fee of charge. 

The Noteway Art Studio

Something different if you are looking for a unique way to express your creativity. The Noteway Art Studio partnering Streaks ‘n’ Strokes’ to do their jamming on a T-Shirt or Tote Bag. There are different offers for DIY kits that you can get and get it delivered to your doorstep that includes fabric paint that is durable and it can last for multiple painting sessions. Unsure of how to go about? Not only free online tutorials are available but also a list of ideas to spark your creativity.

Tea Crafting Workshop

You are a tea lover and would love to create your own kind of tea that suits your personality instead of those mainstream tea that is available off the shelves? Or you would like to craft your own tea that you may not even find from those luxury brands?

At The Tea Crafters, they blend their own tea and also invite people from all walks of life to create their own unique tea. Their tea leaves are especially hand picked and go through a high quality control from tea farms in South Africa and few others from Asia.

Flower Wreath Workshop

A Flower Shop believes that Floral Therapy can help to re-balance the mind, heart and spirit. Flower wreath workshop is one of the workshops that A Flower Shop offers where you can pick from their daily spread of flowers, be it fresh or preserved. For the whole duration of two hours, if you managed to complete your wreath, that piece is yours to bring back home. Unfortunately, this workshop runs privately. You will have to make reservations prior to your purchase.


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