Birthday Event

Birthday is about wanting to feel special. A day to celebrate your beginning, joy of life, the accomplishments, an opportunity or a chance of a lifetime, treated like a King and Queen and to wish on fulfilling on your great mission and goals.

A birthday is something to be commemorate about. It’s just much more than to receive gifts and something to think about upon how u still alive till today. Birthday celebrations is a great day to have that colleagues, friends and family bonding. It is a event that will create moments.

Birthday is a mark, the beginning or star of a new life when you first step on this world. A year older, makes a wiser, as you plan for great things and learn from your past mistakes. To organise, we will work together with you on the event. 

We will host the event and propose a theme, venues, photo booth, games, goodies, according to your budget. To organise a date will be a hastle. The best time to host or organise the event is on weekends, when kids will not be schooling at that point of time. Marie Zarezky offers a high quality price and we will select only talented performances on the day of the event so as to hike up the mood or excitement. Our goals and objectives is to bring fun and laughter.

We manage

Birthday Planning Activities

It’s your day and you should have fun, excited to celebrate your birthday with your friends or colleague. Every concept, details and execution of an event is important to us and we will work closely with you. We will organise and propose party with different venues for you to choose from. We will ensure that you will have the best experience and moment on your day with your love ones.