Dinner & Dance

Dinner & Dance is celebrated on the yearly basis so as to celebrate the success and development of a company or a organisation. The event helps to engaged employees with different departments in a casual way. A corporate dinner & dance is the event where a company or organisation will be rewarding staff for their hard work on the achievement made.

Themes, emcee, games and performances, audio visual, decorations, goodie bags, lucky draw prizes, is the kind of activities which will be on the checklist for the event.

Marie Zarezky will plan or organise from end to end production or management to ensure the event will be execute and in line with your vision or goals. We offers a price which suits your budget, work on your design with concept and artwork and unique style entertainment which suits your requirements.


Theme Decoration & Planning

The context can be indoor or outdoor, depending on your goals and objectives. We are committed in providing the highest quality as it is an opportunity for the company or organisation to portray the values and image thus presenting your company credibility and strength.