Birthday is about wanting to feel special. A day to celebrate your beginning, joy of life, the accomplishments. An opportunity or a chance of a lifetime, treated like a King and Queen. Basically, to wish on fulfilling on your great mission and goals. Eventually, it is something to be commemorate about. It's just much more than to receive gifts. Thinking about how u still alive till today.

Family Day

Family day is a event bonding day and having a good relationship to get together with your colleagues and friends. It is to encourage ambassadors or staff to get along. Thus improve their confidence in the company. Which is an ideal way to reward or say thank you to your employees. Is an event for all ages. Where they can enjoy good food, fun activities, socialising and get out of work environment.


To organise a seminar & conference is an event in which to motivate or get the word out there. Be it business partners, attendee's or associate. It is also a perfect opportunity to socialise and educate. In the event, new connections, broaden the range of vision. And experience as well as development. At the conference or seminar, you will get to know new people. From a institution or a workplace which can build up professional network.

Dinner and Dance

Dinner and Dance was celebrated on the yearly basis. So as to celebrate the success and development of a company or a organisation. The event helps to engage employees with different departments in a casual way. A corporate dinner and dance is the event where a company or organisation will be rewarding staff. For their hard work on the achievement made.